Real Estate is not Limited to Solo-ks

Can Employees buy Real Estate in a Company 401(k)?

Solo-ks, i.e., individual 401(k) plans are being heavily marketed by the self-directed IRA / Solo-k industry as a way to buy investment real estate with pre-tax and tax deferred dollars (traditional IRAs and 401(k)) or to get tax free growth (roth).  While not banned by law, most company 401(k) plans prohibit real estate investments. However, […]

Self-Directed Solo-K: Nothing special but you need a business

If you’re reading this, you’ve most likely heard that IRA’s can invest in real estate, if held by that by the proper custodian, and that “certain” 401(k)s also can invest in real estate even without a custodian.  However, most of the literature out there would lead you to believe that only special 401(k)s can invest […]

Personal Finance: Can I

This mainstream article gets 2 out of 3 points right, and one dead wrong. Do you know which? I’ll post it in a comment on a later date. Stay tuned. Veteran personal finance journalist Robert Powell answers your questions for USA WEEKEND.

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